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Hanging Organization Hack

Updated: May 16

Quick and easy DIY project

So my husband does not want screws in the walls.

We don't want to add too big of a permanent foot print in case we sell or trade our current rig for something different in the future.

Which has left me to be super creative with all my #diy projects. 

I love the challenge!

IKEA Inspired Hanging Organizer

What you need 

Spray paint the dowel black or whatever color you want.

Let it dry and then you can get it up!

I used the industrial velcro instead of the strips that came with the hooks. It's stronger.

This would work great in a sticks and bricks home as well. If you are renting or have backsplash you don't want to screw into.

If you end up doing this project please make sure you tag me on Instagram @bigheartstinyspaces so I can see!

Until next time,


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