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EASY DIY Backsplash

Updated: Jan 11

I am beyond excited to share this update with you! I wanted to add some of "me" to our RV without it being super permanent for future owners. If you know me personally you know that I love all things having to do with making a home more cozy and pretty. I love fun trends and putting my own personal spin on things. When we bought our RV we went with a new model. It just made sense for the lifestyle we'll have and the warranty that came with it. Our travel trailer was already pretty! So when it comes to making it more personal, I really wanted to work with that was already there and not do anything too permanent. Our cabinets and trim work are a pretty deep gray. The flooring is gray wood-like with lots of pretty grain patterns. So I definitely had a great starting point to work with.

One of the areas I saw potential for was behind the TV near the kitchen. First we made the decision to move the TV out of the living space.

We decided more counter space was more important. Both bedrooms would have TVs and can always watch TV outside as well. Once I removed the TV and the panel and trim that was behind it, I realized I had my first project! Adding in backsplash was a must here! My chance to spruce up the kitchen and add a touch of "me" to the space. I wanted something that wouldn't damage the walls and could be removed if future owners don't like it. So I searched for removable options. I remember my friend Brittany at @elisonmade recently made over her laundry room and used peel and stick tile for the flooring. She had positive things to sell about the product and the owner. So I thought I would look into them and read some more reviews.

Snazzy Decals is the name of the Etsy Store. The reviews were positive and I found the pattern I loved! I ordered 1/5 and they were here by 1/10! Super fast shipping considering it came from over seas.

Below I will share a video of the installation process, the after, and my final thoughts! I hope you will check it out. I am no professional with videos yet, but I am learning and trying to put myself out there if it will help others. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for following along! I hope I encouraged you that you can do this project to! If it's something you've been thinking about.

P.S this isn't a project just for RVs. People use them in their homes all the time. For their kitchens, floors, stair cases and more... So many possibilities!

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Let me know what you think below! If you end up doing this please tag me on IG at @bigheartstinyspaces! I'd love to see!

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