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5 Ways to Make Your RV More Cozy

Make Your Rig Cozy

- In a Non-Permanent Way!

Why worry about permanent changes?

When we bought our new travel trailer my husband immediately mentioned he would like me to reign in my inner Joanna Gaines and not do anything permanent. He was looking ahead at the possibility that we might trade or sell it sooner than later. We knew a larger rig was something down the road. So I thought to myself… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


I immediately started plotting in my mind… how can I make this cozier? How can I add some of my style to the already beautiful RV, without it being too permanent? Definitely didn’t want to put holes in the walls. Painting the whole thing white like you’ll see is super trendy in the RV world on Pinterest was out of the question as well. So what can I do that will brighten up the space and make it feel like home?

I narrowed it down to 5 ways.

5 ways I have been making our travel trailer our cozy home.

5 ways to update it without doing anything permanent.

Here they are…

1. Blankets, rugs, and pillows: Using lighter colors of these items immediately makes a space feel bigger and brighter. When living tiny that can be very important. A dark space that feels small can be depressing.

2. Plants and Greenery: Add some greenery whether it’s real or fake. It immediately makes a space feel more like home. Wreaths, garland, potted plants, etc.… can all add a homey touch.

3. Back Splash: They make semi-permanent backsplash now that you can peel and stick on in your kitchen or bathroom. So many styles and colors to choose from. It’s an easy DIY project that can update your rig and be removed later.

4. Wallpaper: Want to change the walls without committing to permanent paint?

They not only make peel and stick tiles, but also wallpaper too! Can easily add some fun wallpaper to break up the plain walls. They have all sorts of patterns even shiplap for the HGTV fans!

We actually used some in our bunkhouse to make it more bright and fun for our two babies!

5. Decor: Adding your own things from your sticks and bricks home will help summon those cozier vibes.

Collection of your favorite pictures, art, and signs will add “you” to your space. Just because the space is tiny, doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own.

Tip: I use command strips and velcro to hang all mine. They make

so many different products now, holes in your RV walls are unnecessary.


Bonus TIP

If command strips or velcro don't work try hot glue! This is an old teaching trick I learned when hanging things in my classroom. Use a dab of hot glue and it will stay! When you go to remove it just pop off the dot of hot glue carefully and there will be no damage. That's how we were able to decorate our classrooms easily and take things down later for reuse next year.

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Hope I left you feeling confident you do not need to completely demo your RV to make it more cozy. With these 5 tips you can easily give it a feeling of home.

Until next time,


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